April 20

1:00 - 3:20 pm, ET

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1:05 pm

Keynote Interview: Seizing the Opportunity

This interview with Michael Crow, the president of Arizona State University, will explore how college leaders can realign their institutions with today’s needs and chart a strategic course forward, by setting the right goals post-pandemic and taking advantage of this once-in-a-century crisis to improve and rebuild.

Speaker: Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

Moderator: Goldie Blumenstyk, Senior Writer, The Chronicle

1:30 pm

Insights Panel: Achieving Transformation

Following the digital transformation of college learning and operations, this panel discusses how institutions can continue to evolve, build cultures of innovation, and work to bridge educational inequities.

With support from the Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership, Arizona State University and Georgetown University


Nancy Gonzales, Provost Pro Tempore, Arizona State University

Darcie Milazzo, Director of Leadership Development, Georgetown University-Arizona State University Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership

Juan Muñoz, Chancellor, University of California at Merced

Lynn Wooten, President, Simmons University

Moderator: Jeff Selingo, Founding Director, Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership

2:20 pm

Sponsor Interview: The Innovations Ahead

Matthew Celano, global senior vice president of digital strategy and enrollment with Pearson Online Learning Services, discusses what digital transformations higher education faces.

Speaker: Matthew Celano, Global Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Enrollment, Pearson Online Learning Services

Moderator: Ian Wilhelm, Assistant Managing Editor, The Chronicle

2:40 pm

Insights Panel: Navigating Collaboration

Higher ed faces a greater need to collaborate with partners, including foundations, companies, and alternative-education providers. Where do these outside players see the need for colleges to change? How can higher ed work with them to improve access to education and student outcomes?


Aaron Rasmussen, entrepreneur; CEO, Outlier; co-founder, MasterClass

Danette Howard, Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Lumina Foundation

Moderator: Scott Carlson, Senior Writer, The Chronicle

3:20 pm

Closing Remarks

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Managing the Transformed College

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