Trust and belonging go hand in hand — and for college students, both play a vital role in a student’s overall engagement, well-being, and academic success. How can colleges foster greater trust in their institutions and create an environment where everyone feels they belong?

Leading minds in higher ed will join us for the Virtual Forum, “Belonging, Trust, and the Student Journey,” to share their thoughts on the deliberate steps colleges are taking to improve their campus climates and to create opportunities for students to build trusting relationships with faculty, administrators, and their peers.

Join the Virtual Forum discussion on February 14 at 2 pm ET to hear our expert panel answer the questions weighing heavily on many senior-level administrators today:

  • How are students recovering from the sense of disengagement they felt during the pandemic?

  • What are the elements that help students feel trust in their campus and like they fit in, particularly for groups of students who say they don’t feel as welcome on campus?

  • What goes into a successful campus climate and what can colleges can do to foster a sense of belonging?


Sarah Brown

News Editor
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Darnell Cole

Professor of Higher Education and Education Psychology
Co-Director for the Research Center for Education, Identity and Social Justice

Jamie Villarreal

Assistant Academic Advisor
University of Texas at Austin

Cynthia Olivo

Fullerton College


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Tuesday, February 14, 2023