Colleges are increasingly seeking to attract and retain nontraditional learners. However, meeting their needs means rethinking student support services, which have long catered to students aged 18 to 22 years. How can colleges change their approach to better meet the needs of a growing population of students focused on career growth?

A panel of experts joins The Chronicle to share their ideas in the upcoming Virtual Forum, “Shifting Student Support to Adult Learners.” Join us as we ask and answer:

  • How, specifically, do the needs of adult learners differ from those of traditional students?
  • What are institutions doing to provide a similar level of support for learners who need a different approach?
  • How do student support offices and roles need to change?


Liz McMillen

Executive Editor
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Matt Bergman

Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership and Learning
University of Louisville


Tracy Robinson

Director, Professional and Continuing Education
University of Memphis


Nilajah Nyasuma Sims

Executive Director, Center for Continuing and Professional Studies
Morgan State University

Hadass Sheffer

The Graduate! Network


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Wednesday, August 2, 2023