As colleges and universities continue to expand and examine student experiences on campus, building an atmosphere that promotes a feeling of belonging is essential for students to thrive.

Yet, with additional demands on their time, administrators may struggle to prioritize initiatives to enhance personal connections between students, faculty, and staff.

A panel of experts, moderated by Adrienne Lu, Chronicle senior reporter, will discuss how administrators may collaborate with professors and staff to foster such strong ties on campus in an upcoming virtual discussion.

Join "Building the Capacity for Belonging" on April 27 at 2 p.m. ET to discover more about how your university can help students have a sense of community.


Adrienne Lu

Senior Reporter
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Jillian Kinzie

Interim Co-Director
National Survey of Student Engagement

Gregory M. Walton

Professor of Psychology
Stanford University

Gregory D. Williams

Odessa College


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