Artificial intelligence has the capacity to increase efficiency and create novel insights for university research. However, with this new frontier of research practices comes great responsibility for researchers to navigate the ethical elements of using AI as part of their work. With the possibilities of data bias, AI overuse, and unintended consequences impacting society, what must researchers understand as they move forward with new tools?

Register now for “Artificial Intelligence and Research Ethics,” a Virtual Forum exploring how institutions must reconsider their ethics protocols in the face of risks posed by emerging AI tools in the complex area of research. In this hour-long discussion, we will be joined by research experts from across higher ed to discover what the starting points are for universities to revise their oversight, and how they can adapt going forward.


Alex Kafka

Senior Editor
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Eric Chown

Professor of Digital and Computational Studies
Bowdoin College

Fay Cobb Payton

Professor Emeritus of Information Technology/Analytics and Consultant
North Carolina State University

Jason D'Cruz

Associate Professor of Philosophy
University at Albany

Ishwar K. Puri

Senior Vice President for Research
University of Southern California


Event Registration

YES, I will be attending this virtual event on:

Thursday, April 13, 2023