Rural America is changing. As demographics continue to shift and fewer local graduates feed the applicant pool, rural colleges are facing the same challenge: what to do about enrollment.

To examine how colleges can overcome these challenges, The Chronicle will bring together a panel of admissions leaders from rural colleges across the country for a candid discussion. During our Virtual Forum, “Overcoming the Enrollment Challenges of Rural Colleges,” we will ask and answer:

- What aspects of rural campuses and academic programs appeal to potential applicants and can institutions better highlight them?

- What specific challenges do rural colleges face as they look to attract a more diverse student body?

- How much is this broad challenge a matter of better marketing?

- What substantive changes, if any, might be required?


Eric Kelderman

Senior Reporter
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Patricia Draves

Graceland University - Iowa

Mary Holz-Clause

University of Minnesota


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Wednesday, April 5, 2023