Colleges and universities play a major role in preparing students for life after obtaining a degree. Much of this preparation goes towards building skills for a competitive work force. However, students must also be educated on geo-political, public health, and social challenges that will be relevant once they move onto the next phase.

Join us on March 22 for “Global Events and the Curriculum,” a Chronicle Virtual Forum exploring methods for educating students about the world they will inherit once they move on from college. In this discussion, we will be joined by global education experts to demonstrate how institutions can identify ways to introduce global issues into their studies. Don’t miss out on this essential discussion to help your students broaden their views about the world around them, and how events will evolve overtime.


Karin Fischer

Senior Writer
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Sanjam Ahluwalia

Associate Professor, History & Women’s and Gender Studies
Northern Arizona University


Hilary Landorf

Assistant Vice President for Global Learning Initiatives, Associate Professor of International and Intercultural Education
Florida International University

Robert Hooker

Associate Professor & Director of Student Success
Muma College of Business, USF

(Sponsor Speaker)

Dawn Michele Whitehead

Vice President of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers
American Association of Colleges and Universities

Dawn Wood

Dean of Global Learning
Kirkwood Community College




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Wednesday, March 22, 2023