Is “digital natives” a problematic term?



A growing number of higher education experts certainly think so. They argue that the phrase makes it easy to ignore skill gaps, turn a blind eye to socioeconomic differences, and cut digital skills from college curriculums.



On February 23, join The Chronicle for a Virtual Forum to hear the perspectives of faculty and administrators from across the country. You’ll get new language to discuss the use of technology in the classroom and leave with practical strategies to define and teach digital competency.



Ian Wilhelm

Assistant Managing Editor
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Muhsinah L. Morris

Assistant Professor, Education Department & Metaversity Director
Morehouse College

Jennifer Redd

Senior Director of eCampus
San Jose State University

Andrew Rosner

Director of Digital Fluency
Franklin College

Sid Dorbin

Professor & Chair, Department of English, University of Florida; Director Trace Innovation Initiative (UF); Member, Florida Institute for National Security; Adobe Digital Thought Leader

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Thursday, February 23, 2023