As higher ed confronts growing skepticism about the value of a college degree, institutions are wrestling with how to best educate, motivate, engage, and support students moving forward. One answer has been to ask the students themselves. How are institutions turning to students for input about coursework, curricula, and teaching styles?
Our upcoming Virtual Forum, “How to Design Learning for Student Success” gathers a panel of higher ed leaders to discuss formal and informal practices for engaging students in the creation and implementation of high impact pedagogy.
  • This session will examine: Which strategies, in person and online, are most effective for engaging, teaching and motivating students?
  • How can students get more deeply involved in analyzing what does and doesn’t work in a classroom?
  • What examples of success stories of high-impact pedagogy exist within higher ed?


Ian Wilhelm
Assistant Managing Editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Ariana Berumen
Student, University of California at Berkeley

Vani Mittal
Student, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Sherry Pagoto
Director of the UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media, University of Connecticut

Malik Singleton
Student, Harris-Stowe State University