Preparing the Next Generation of Instructors

Wednesday, October 12, 2 pm, ET | 11 am, PT

Great teaching is a skill, not a talent. Though some individuals possess a natural gift for instruction, they also work hard to perfect their craft.

In recent years, students’ expectations for the classroom experience have skyrocketed. If school administrators want to meet this demand, they must find new ways to train and coach the next generation of faculty—so that every teacher is performing at a high level.

On October 12, we’re hosting a Virtual Forum with higher education experts to explore different approaches to a big question: How can colleges better invest in teacher recruitment and training?

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2:00 | Welcome

2:05 | Chronicle Presentation
Creating a Culture of Excellence
Good teaching is really a skill, one that can be learned and refined. Hear from our experts about their campus efforts to create a culture and community of excellence around teaching; improve teaching assessment and evaluation, and develop a reward system that incentivizes good instruction.

2:30 | Adobe Sponsor Segment
High Impact Learning, Student Success, and Faculty Development – Beyond 2022
Adobe Creative Campus Digital Literacy Thought Leader, Dr. Melissa Vito, explores the essential role of innovation and high-impact teaching toward future-facing learning at UTSA. Dr. Vito’s session focuses on the four defining pillars of access, engagement, transformation, and career readiness as essential for student success beyond 2022.

2:45 | Chronicle Presentation
Working to Be Better Instructors: Q&A
What questions do you have about the future of teaching? What efforts would help you be a better instructor? Bring your questions and comments to share in the final segment of the program.

3:10 | Final Notes


Ginger Clark

Associate Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, University of Southern California.


Andrea Follmer Greenhoot

Director and Gautt Teaching Scholar, Center for Teaching Excellence, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Kansas


Abrar Hammoud

Clinical Assistant Professor, Purdue University's Polytechnic Institute



Ian Wilhelm 

Assistant Managing Editor,
The Chronicle of Higher Education