Of first-year college students, 85% say their main priority upon graduation is to get a good job, yet 72% of recent college grads are struggling to find entry-level work. How can colleges rethink their career services offerings to help bridge the college-to-career gap?

Join The Chronicle and the University Innovation Alliance to explore how students, college leaders, and employers view the gap and what needs to be done to fix it. During the Virtual Forum, “Designing Career Services for the Future,” a panel will discuss:.
  • How should career services evolve to better equip students for the real world?
  • What skills and qualifications are employers seeking now?
  • How are innovative career services helping students find success?
Join us for “Modern Strategic Planning for Higher Education,” featuring higher education strategist and UNC at Chapel Hill professor Paul Friga and The Chronicle senior writer Scott Carlson. In this special 90-minute virtual forum, your hosts will share video clips of today’s most innovative campus leaders describing how they have adjusted their strategies in response to the needs of the day.
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Bridget Burns
Bridget Burns
Chief Executive Officer,
University Innovation Alliance

Ian Wilhelm
Ian Wilhelm
Assistant Managing Editor,
The Chronicle Of Higher Education 


Melinda Anderson
Brenna Gomez
Director of Career Integration
Oregon State University

Melinda Anderson
Amir Badr
Chief Executive Officer

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Andy Chan
Vice President, Innovation & Career Development
Wake Forest University

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