Learn strategies and develop the skills needed to be an effective leader during the current crisis and beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed higher education like no other event in recent memory. Academic leaders are facing more complex and frequent challenges than ever before, and the effects of the pandemic only intensify an already-difficult job. The Chronicle, DeverJustice LLC, and Ithaka S+R have partnered for a professional development series to help you develop new skills, become a more effective leader, and overcome the challenges of your role.

After months of leaping from crisis to crisis, and working in a state of constant disruption, chairs need to take the time to pause and reflect – what’s working? What hasn’t worked? Professional development is more important than ever, and it is critical that you have access to the resources and tools needed to succeed and grow.
  • How to distinguish between tactical and strategic challenges, particularly in a time of crisis and uncertainty.

  • How to make effective use — short term and long term — of your bully pulpit.

  • How to think about and work with problem colleagues.

  • Why succession planning and inclusive leadership are so important, and empowering.

  • How to approach questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion structurally, not transactionally.
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A Workshop for Department Chairs
Leading From the Middle

A series of two-hour symposiums, open to all academic professionals, consultants, and partners. You’ll learn from expert panelists, get innovative strategies and proven tactics to overcome the most common and persistent challenges, and have the chance to ask questions.

Bob Atkins
CEO, Gray Associates

A Symposium Series for All Academic Leaders
Leading into the Future
Space is extremely limited. Reserve your spot today.

These ten-person workshops are highly customizable to the needs of your particular institution, department, and current challenges. You’ll dive into hands-on learning and problemsolving, have the opportunity to workshop institution- or department-specific issues, receive feedback, and get coaching from the experts at DeverJustice.

Small groups will give participants the opportunity to share concerns and challenges with their peers, brainstorm solutions, and receive coaching from experienced practitioners. You’ll identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, and be better positioned to inspire, lead and manage change on your campus.

PLEASE NOTE: The symposia are the critical foundation and lay the groundwork for the workshops; all workshop participants are automatically registered for the associated symposium. The workshop sessions are reserved exclusively for incoming and current department chairs. Due to the format and structure of the workshop, we are not currently able to accommodate other roles. We will review all registrants, and refund you, if necessary.

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