As the job market struggles to recover, colleges must focus on new ways to help prepare their students for post-graduate success. How can colleges ensure that graduates will have the skills sought by employers? To find out The Chronicle surveyed companies and other employers about the needs they have now and how colleges can better ensure students are ready for the world of work.

In this virtual forum hosted by Ian Wilhelm,  an assistant managing editor with The Chronicle, we will examine and discuss the survey findings with author Jeffrey Selingo and a panel of experts.

Hear how colleges can:

  • Help create a smooth transition from campus life to professional life.

  • Better align their curriculum with employer needs.

  • Address digital literacy gaps.

Register now for this 75-minute forum focused on new insights from employers and how your institution can meet those expectations.



Goldie Blumenstyk

Senior Writer,
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Jeff Selingo

Washington Post Columnist, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Higher-Education Expert

Sebastian Distefano

Global Manager of Strategic Development,
Higher Education, Adobe

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Ian Wilhelm and Sebastian Distefano

2:05  | Chronicle Presentation
What Employers Say They Want
Jeff Selingo presents data from an exclusive Chronicle survey of what skills employers are looking for in new hires and how they think colleges can better prepare graduates.

2:15  | Chronicle Panel
Building a Better Talent Pipeline
Selingo interviews two college leaders, Joe May and Lynn Wooten, about what’s needed to make a stronger transition from college to career.

2:35  | Adobe Presentation
How Remote Work Accelerates the Need for Digital Literacy
Todd Taylor, An Adobe Pedagogical Evangelist and the Eliason Distinguished Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Stephen Marshall, Ph.D., chair, Department Media & Communication, East Tennessee State University will share key insights about remote work and how the new workforce demands digital literacy

2:50 | Chronicle Panel
Realigning the Curriculum
Goldie Blumenstyk interviews Louis Soares and Mary B. Marcy about how colleges can better align their curriculum with the needs of the job market.

3:10 | Final Notes
Closing Remarks
Ian Wilhelm and Sebastian Distefano


Joe May

The Dallas College
Community District

Lynn Wooten

Simmons University

Stephen Marshall

Chair, Department Media & Communication,
East Tennessee State University


Todd Taylor

Adobe Pedagogical Evangelist and the Eliason Distinguished Professor of English,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Louis Soares

Chief Learning and Innovation Officer,
American Council on Education

Mary B. Marcy

Dominican University of California

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