The pandemic has dramatically shifted the college experience. But how will this shift alter students' expectations after the pandemic recedes and campus life can resume as normal?

While this time of social distancing and remote learning has caused many students to crave the personal connection of the physical classroom, others have enjoyed the flexibility and freedom that virtual coursework allows. To examine those changing expectations and their possible impact on colleges’ long-term financial plans, an expert panel will join The Chronicle’s Ian Wilhelm for an hourlong virtual forum.

Questions will include:
  • How are students’ changing expectations affecting how chief financial officers and other college leaders think about their institution's business model?
  • How do those changes affect tuition as well as the value proposition of what colleges offer and which students they attract?
  • Outside the pandemic, how will the shift in student demographics change that proposition?

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Tuesday, March 23 |  2:00 p.m., ET
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Liv Gjestvang
Associate Vice President, Learning Technology, Ohio State University

Bryan Alexander.png
Bryan Alexander
Futurist and Author of Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education

Bonnie H. Ferri
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development, Co-chair of the Commission on Creating the Next in Education, Georgia Institute of Technology

IanWilhelm (2).png

Ian Wilhelm
Assistant Managing Editor, The Chronicle

Bob Atkins
CEO, Gray Associates

Ian Wilhelm
Assistant Managing Editor,
The Chronicle